Choosing The Right Medicare Supplement Plans

How To Get Started

The best time to enroll is within your first six or seven month of joining Medicare. This is called the initial enrollment period (IEP) or sometimes open enrollment Period (OEP).  Your Medicare provide can’t reject you during this period, after this period you’ll be charged accordingly. If you refuse to purchase Medicare supplement plans during the open period, your provider can reject you due to your health condition or charge premium price. If you want guaranteed approval you should definitely join within your open enrollment period.


  Medicare Supplement Plans Choices

There are 10 plans and they differ slightly in the benefits they offer. You can visit any Medicare website and compare the available plans that are available.  You can choose from plan A B C D F G K L M and N. these plans are not associated with your Medicare program. All Medicare supplement plans are standardized. Any particular plan is the same for all providers. Only few states deviate from this standard.


How Do These Plans Differ?

Some have higher coverage cost and some have high deductible. Everyone should choose a plan based on his health care needs and what they can afford.

  What You Should Focus On.

Most of the health care costs can be covered by Aetna Medicare supplement plans. Your plan should cover your big ticket items. You should focus on the following aspects when choosing any plan:


* Should cover 20% of doctor visits.

* Pay your deductible every time you get admitted.

* 20% of lab test cost & other outpatient services

There are other things to consider you just need to be careful during your selection.

The most popular Medicare supplement is Plan F because it offers the most benefit. Plan F itself is of 2 types, one with low deductibles and one with high deductibles. Take a look at the 2nd option carefully before choosing. One thing to remember is that Medicare supplement plans don’t cover your drug prescriptions and health care problems like vision and dental.


  How Much Does A Medicare Supplement Cost?

The average cost of Medicare supplement is about $183 per month. You’ll pay more if you want to add premiums to your plan. There are lots of other factors that will affect the cost. Some charge less premiums when you’re younger and the price then increase as you grow older.

 Final Thoughts

Before you enroll with any company make sure you checked whether they’re licensed or not with your state department. Check their credibility and also compare as many companies as you can before joining.


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